3 Essential Tips For Creating Successful Retail Signs

3 Essential Tips For Creating Successful Retail Signs

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. This first impression for many retailers is their signage or public ads.

These signs are actually crucial to attracting new customers to your place of business. This is where appealing retail signage play an important role. Follow these tips to create engaging, successful retail signs that will wow the public and that will help maintain and strengthen your brand and brand awareness.

Choose the Best Size

Size matters. It especially matters when it comes to signage and advertising in public spaces. A retail sign that’s too small won’t attract any attention at all. A sign that’s too big can overwhelm the reader or even fade into the background. Take time to look over the area where you want to display a sign to see how other businesses have gone sizing their signs. It’s also a good idea to take along a professional from your chosen sign company.

Colour Considerations

Though bright colours can certainly make an impression, unusual tones and odd combinations can make people perceive your business in a less than favourable way. Create contrast by using dark letters on a light background (or light letters on a dark background), and make sure the colour combination is pleasing to the eye.

Spread out the Message

Studies show that signage that is brief and easily readable gets better results than signs that are overloaded with text. Instead of cluttering your primary signage with too much information, compliment it with window adverts and sidewalk signs. These can be updated easily and allow you to avoid relying too much on primary retail signs.

One more tip: check with authorities in your area before deciding on signage. There may be local regulations in place regarding the size, location, and height of retail signage.


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