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4 Essential Elements for Success in Creating Signs

If you run a brick and mortar business, then visibility is an essential part of your business’ success. Outdoor signage is one effective way of letting the public know about your business. But before you start spending company rand to have signage made, read the following tips for making your signage the most effective that it can be.

Watch Your Word Count

According to small business accounting company Intuit, a business sign shouldn’t be any longer than seven words. Why the brevity? Experts say that a sign that’s too difficult to process may lead readers to believe that your company is untrustworthy and unlikable on a subconscious level. People more readily accept signs that are easy to process as likeable and trustworthy.

Just the Essentials

Being brief may sound like a good idea, but is it plausible? If you observe most business signage, you’ll see that you don’t need much by way of text to get your message across. Some essential information that you might include on your sign might include:

  • Company name (This is essential)
  • Phone number
  • Address and location
  • Social media handles
  • Slogan
  • Brief call to action (e.g., call for reservations)

Consider the Context

According to one study from the University of California, people tend to perceive signs depending on the context they view them in. For instance, if someone views a sign in their right field of vision, they’re more likely to respond to words over images. If they see it on their left, they’ve more likely to images seen at the viewer’s eye level.

Branding Considerations

Brand consistency is an important part of creating signage. The same branding used for your logo and marketing materials should also be present with your signage. That means all the same colors, fonts, slogans, and other defining visual features.

Creating business signs is an important step in getting your business seen by the public. Follow these tips, and you’ll be setting yourself up for signage success.


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