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5 Design Mistakes That Will Kill Your Advertisement Signage

Have you ever seen signage that was hard to read, had unattractive colors, or was just located in the wrong place? All of us have seen unfortunate signage before, and it can really break a business’ efforts to get new customers in the door. If you want to avoid the costs of creating bad signage, take the following cautionary tip to heart.

  • 1. Colour Contrast: You might remember learning as a child that certain colors compliment each other and contrast each other. That means that pink lettering on a red background might just be difficult for your audience to read.
  • 2. Hard-To-Read Fonts: It can be tempting to use a fancy, intricate font that isn’t too difficult to read up close, but remember that your sign will be viewed at a distance by the majority of passersby. Even if you’d describe your brand as fun, goofy or whimsical, using artsy fonts for signage can work against you. Use a legible font for your signs, which includes many of the classic fonts.
  • 3. Artwork: Your logo shouldn’t make anyone squint to see it. It should be simple and easy to decipher. It’s a good idea to have a second pair of non-partial eyes to help you when designing your logo so that you can avoid unintended consequences. If you’re not convinced, just type “logo fails” into Google and see what comes up.
  • 4. Size: Before placing the letters on the sign, measure how much space is there and size the letters accordingly. There should be a certain amount of negative space around the letters.
  • 5. Wrong Materials: Using the most expensive sign materials isn’t always necessary. For instance, some materials are more expensive because they withstand harsh weather conditions. Others are meant to age quickly to take on an antique look in a short span of time. If you don’t need those things, why pay more money?

Business signage is a great way to market your business, but only if done correctly. Avoid these costly mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to success in your marketing.


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