The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Vehicle Signs for Advertisement

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Vehicle Signs for Advertisement

While navigating your city, you’ve no doubt come across a vehicle or two that displays company branding. Using signage on vehicles, whether car, bus, train or airplane, is an effective way of getting your company message out. Since any vehicle can be branded, just about anyone can take advantage of this strategy.

US based advertising company, Wheels, Inc. says that graphics and decals on a moving vehicle are an effective way to create and strengthen awareness of a brand. This can range from a simple logo decal to a full billboard-style wrapped advertisement. A vehicle wrap, which is a customized design that essentially transforms a vehicle into a moving billboard, is especially effective in vehicle branding and advertisement. It gets you noticed fast by combining mobility and high visibility with designs that draw onlookers.

How to Effectively Brand a Vehicle

To create the best vehicle advertisement, make sure that the branding can be clearly seen from a distance, while the vehicle is moving. For this reason, it’s best not to include too much text in your advertisement. Otherwise, it will just be a blur that people will struggle to read as it disappears into the distance.

You should also go with your own existing branding when choosing a design. Colors, fonts, logos, and other relevant visuals should stay consistent with your store signage and marketing materials. People will recognize your advertisement and associate it with your brand, which is just what you want.

Driving Considerations

One potentially harmful side effect of vehicle branding is that the driver can create a bad impression by not being a courteous driver. After all, someone might not be so willing to do business with your company after being rudely honked at by a van covered in your branding. So if you go this path, be sure to be a considerate driver, or make sure that the driver knows how important this is.


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