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Famous Casino Signs From Vegas to Cape Town

Nothing says flashy and eye-catching like a grandiose casino sign. All over the world, casinos invest heavily in their signage to evoke feelings of luck, excitement, and luxury in their patrons. Here are a few of our favorite casino signs, from Vegas to Cape Town.

Let’s start in Vegas, where there is no shortage of iconic casino signs to choose from. One sign that really stands out is the iconic cowboy Vegas Vic, a flashing neon cowpoke erected as a part of The Pioneer Club sign. Vic has been greeting visitors since 1951; that’s a long time to wave and smile!

When talking about famous casino signs, we have to give a nod to the big neon clown of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, which has been gracing the Las Vegas strip since 1976. The casino entrance is designed to look like a circus tent and is lit up with thousands of light bulbs. Quite impressive!

Now let’s go to Macau, China, where we’ll find Casino Lisboa and it’s bright, flashy sign welcoming all who come to try their luck. This massive three-story casino has been delighting visitors since the late 1960s.

Next, we’ll head to Lisbon, Portugal to Casino Estoril, one of the biggest casinos in Europe. This casino boasts of 26,900 square feet, 1,235 gaming tables, and ten bars and restaurants. They also have very attractive signage!

Now, we come to SA, where casino fans will be delighted to see the Grand West Casino sign greeting them as they arrive in Cape Town. Completed in 2000, this relatively new casino features a clean, modern sign. The property was valued at R350M upon completion.

Last stop on our tour is the famous Tusk Rio Casino in Klerksdorp. This old lady is recommended highly by the guys at Yebo Yes Casino for their no deposit casino promotions. This unique casino claims the festive Brazilian Carnival as design inspiration. Not only is the Tusk Rio a casino, but it also has a museum housed in an old prison, as well as several ancient mines that are open to visitors.

Casinos are great examples of how to make a big impression with signage. What are some of your favorites?


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