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Doing Your Own Interior Signage Installation? Follow These 3 Tips

Though most signage companies are happy to install your new interior signage for you, there are people who prefer the DIY approach. Installing your own signage can teach you a new skill, and potentially save money. So, if you like the idea of doing it yourself, the following guide should help you out.

Tip One: Clean the surface

Before you start, clean the surface where you intend to install your signage. This not only includes washing and wiping the wall, but also checking for nails, screws, or peeling paint that could obstruct the signage.

You should also choose the right amount of the sign if you haven’t done so already. Screw mounting is the most common type of mounting. Tape mounting is the most common choice for DIY signage installers. This uses double-sided foam tape, also known as VHB tape, which works great with most smooth surfaces.

Tip Two: Treat Your Sign With Care

You only have one shot at this, so it’s natural that you treat your sign with as much care as possible. Damaging the sign can completely ruin your installation efforts, and most sign companies won’t warranty a sign if the customer installed it improperly. So, from unboxing to installation, treat your sign like a newborn baby.

Tip Three: Stay Centered and Level

“Center” and “Level” are two key words in signage installation. Make sure the sign is centered by making sure the edges are at equal distance from the edge of the wall, bottom, top, left, and right. Use a level tool to make sure the sign is leveled in a straight line. Of course, where and how you place the sign is totally up to you. For example, if you have a table against the wall where you’re installing, you may choose to center the sign from the edge of the table instead of the wall.

Installing your own interior signage can be very rewarding. Follow these three tips, and you’re sure to have a smooth, aesthetically pleasing installation that you can be proud of.


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