Are You Making These LED Sign Mistakes?

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Are You Making These LED Sign Mistakes?

LED signs are a fantastic, eye-catching way to create brand awareness and attract new customers. However, there are a few commonly made mistakes in LED advertising that can end up costing the advertiser time and money. Avoid these mishaps, and you can be confident that you’ll get the return on investment that you’re looking for.

No Dedicated Operator

A particular reason that businesses fail to run a profitable LED sign campaign is that they don’t have a dedicated operator to update the sign on a regular basis. Cutting-edge innovations make it possible to update LED sign messages quite easily; in fact, it only takes a few minutes. Because people can grow so accustomed to seeing an ad that they start to ignore it, it’s important for businesses to update their advertisements regularly.

Not Choosing a Visible Location

Poor visibility is another reason an LED sign can fail to gain returns. The point of LED signage is to get the message across to an audience. Without placing the sign in an ideal location, it simply can’t do its job.

Poor Message Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to LED signage. Modern technology allows advertisers to dynamically display a message with scrolling, flashing, shimmering, and other motion effects. However, if you don’t time the message well, you’re missing an opportunity. For example, if a certain location is busiest in the morning when commuters are on their way to work, you would display your message most prominently during that time of day.

Not Using a Clear Message

LED signage can be a lot of fun, with so many features to communicate a message in an entertaining way. However, it’s possible to overdo it with all the cool effects so that your message gets lost. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by finding a balance between eye-catching and clear communication. In other words, your message shouldn’t be hard for passers-by to read.

These tips will help you to make the most of your LED signage.


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