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Pros and Cons of Billboard Advertising Signage in South Africa

As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for great opportunities to advertise your products, services, and special events and promotions. Every industry in South Africa has its tried and true methods for advertising and marketing, but billboards have proven to be a great way to get the word out. They have both advantages and disadvantages, so read on to see if billboard advertising is right for you.

Pro: Reach a Bigger Audience

Since you get to choose your billboard’s location, it means you can potentially reach a large number of people every month with your billboard. If you position it near a busy street or highway, your potential audience is everyone who walks or drives by.

Pro: Target By Geographic Location

If you’re targeting your audience by geographic location, then billboard advertising is ideal. You can reach an audience depending on their income, status, location, or even age range depending on the location of the billboard. Think about advertising in an upscale suburb, or near a university campus as examples of reaching particular audiences.

Con: Startup costs

Many advertising companies require you to commit to a long-term contract to run a billboard ad. Areas with higher traffic typically get snapped up in advance and come with a premium price tag. Though you stand to gain a potentially higher ROI, startup costs for billboard ads are generally higher than other advertising mediums.

Pro: More Bang For Your Buck

Though it may cost you to get a billboard campaign going, monthly costs are actually pretty reasonable considering how big of an audience billboards can get you. You’ll pay anywhere from R20 000 to about R70 000 per month per billboard, depending on the location, size of the audience and the company you work with.

Con: Ad Blindness

Over time, people who regularly pass by your billboard might become so accustomed to seeing it that it just blends into the background. This phenomenon is called ad blindness, and unless you change up your ad every few months, your campaign could fall prey to it.


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